Andre Polite

CEO & Founder of Polite Visions

Born in Springfield Massachusetts, Andre Polite was destined to succeed in college and beyond. He gained his unique skills of inspiring, motivating, and transferring his knowledge during his Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks in 2015 after going through a series of hardships, trials, and misfortunes that led him to leave college. Self-educating and pushing past every obstacle in his way, Andre Polite transformed  his life to become a successful author, mentor, speaker, and life coach.

 Andre Polite strives to spread knowledge,  ideas,  and strategies  to inspire countless people within his community and  around the world to believe  in themselves and to work relentlessly to achieve their goals.  He brings motivation, innovation, T.I.P.S. and practical education as well as solid resources to audiences through his dynamic speaking and coaching.

 " Circumstances do not make us they reveal what we are made of " .


So aim high, stay strong, and work diligently  to  maximize the potential in their lives. Overcoming all those hardships and setting sail on healing and progressing in life inspired him to enlighten others through his books: 

  • T.I.P.S "Taking Initiative Produces Success" Your Guide to Transforming adversity into prosperity

  • Star Seeds "The Children of The Ancients"

  • Young Kings

The motivation behind starting Polite Visions LLC is to motivate people to step beyond their limitations, trauma, and equip them with tools that will teach them to create wealth and maintain health in their lives. He believes that every single one of us has the capacity and capability to exceed our goals, and his mission is to provide ample resources to those individuals by uplifting and empowering their lives.

Andre Polite has dedicated his life to the betterment of his community and culture to support them in growing. Polite Visions LLC is one way of transferring all the knowledge, experience, and delivering it out there in the world so that all humankind can prosper. 

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the worlds.”

~Harriet Tubman

"I'd rather Fail at creating my Own Wealth until I SUCCEED Rather than to succeed at creating someone else's wealth as an Employee."

Career Highlights

Author of T.I.P.S.

"Taking Initiative Produces Success"

Author of StarSeeds 

"The Children of Ancients" and 

"Young Kings" Coming soon!

Founder of Polite Vision LLC

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