Andre Polite

CEO & Founder of Polite Visions

Andre Polite is an Author, Speaker, Spoken Word artist, and an entrepreneur residing in Tampa, FL.

After going through a series of trials, tribulations, and misfortunes in the fall of 2015; Andre decided to reinvent himself. Going through this tumultuous period made him take a spiritual journey within.

This healing process is what sparked his transformation, which consequently inspired his newly released book. T.I.P.S. “Taking Initiative Produces Success.”  (Your Guide to Transform adversity into Prosperity).


Andre is now fulfilling his purpose and his dreams standing in his truth as a mindset transformation coach in addition to being on the road touring as a professional speaker.  

"I'd rather Fail at creating my Own Wealth until I SUCCEED Rather than to succeed at creating someone else's wealth as an Employee."

Career Highlights

Author of T.I.P.S. "Taking Initiative Produces Success"

Author of StarSeeds "The Children of Ancients" coming soon!

Founder of Polite Vision LLC

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