In 2010 I sat down and had a conversation with my spirit. I said to myself, Look into the future. What would you like the legacy of your life to be? I thought for a while, and I came to the conclusion that I would like "giving" to be my legacy!


So I prayed to our creator for a plan.


Six years later, from the blessing and gift of clarity, the plan came to me. My prayers were answered in the form of a vision—a vision that came to me as SEVEN major goals.  These seven ideas came to me in my thoughts as PROPHECY SEVEN. The seeds to manifest this vision were planted in my mind, heart, and soul. These seven goals gave birth to POLITE VISIONS, the business vehicle which I plan to use to convey effective, positive, and inspirational literature, and motivational communication. 


I formulated an emissary note to myself identifying my Mission:

1. Create a Brand that will effectively increase the positive frequency of energy on the planet by progressively elevating mental vibrations and utilizing positive thinking inspired by positive energy. 


2. Establish a School Program that educates and empowers all of the youth on the planet, helping to ensure an atmosphere of love, peace, and unity in our world for a better tomorrow.


3. Start the Star Seeds Charity Foundation, a medical and medicinal program to help cure and nurture the physically, emotionally, and mentally ill and sick and disabled children across the globe.


4. Create the 2nd Chance Movement, a plan to help educate and mentor willing and able ex-convicts, convicted felons,drug addicts, and homeless citizens by helping to create jobs, businesses, and needed services to train and teach trade skills; equipping participants with entrepreneurship development courses; and facilitating an effective, positive evolution of the human race in today's evolving society.


5. Build a Rehabilitation Center that uses a traditional, wholistic, and metaphysical approach to help defeat drug addiction, especially pharmaceutical addiction, World Wide.


6. Present Polite Visions Motivational Speaking Services, spreading love and positive, inspirational messages via multiple web communication platforms and live, in-person speaking engagements. These services will attempt to share positive energy and show short films, documentaries, and other motivational videos.


7. Create a Peace Coalition, with the goal to neutralize and eliminate all of the violent, barbaric, and animalistic behavior in society, by the employing peaceful, powerful, strategic, mystic, scientific, and spiritual IN-FORM-ATION.


“The goal of PoliteVisions LLC is to create clarity of thought through intentional positive thinking, self-motivation, and personal development.”

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